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design by eva 

 FlexPortlet FlexPortlet is a general Portlet which can help you transfer a page group composed of jsp,htm to a Portlet quickly. The whole process only needs to click several times and does not need to programme and write code. Using FlexPortlet can greatly improve the work efficiency of Portlet programmers, and it makes the original complex Portlet programming work into an easy configuration. FlexPortlet is written in JAVA and following JSR168 specification Portlet. Theoretically it can run on any Portal Server in line with JSR168 specification. The Portal containers which have been tested including IBM WebSphere Portal Server,Weblogic and Pluto. FlexPortlet is a kind of component running in the industrial environment, and in the past few years, it has been deployed to hundreds of Portlet seperately. It provides tens of thousands of employees from hundreds of large companies with 7*24 non-stop services.  


Oct 24,2009 - FlexPortlet 1.1 Release

     Based on the users' feedback, I fixed some small bug,you can check out source code from cvs.

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June 15 , 2006 - FlexPortlet 0.8 Release

      This version has been largely achieved the functions which FlexPortlet needs to achieve: By disposition, it transfer a set of HTML and JSP pages into a Portlet. In the process of transformation there are still some minor problems. According to experiences, 80% of the applications will not encounter these kinds of problems. Please see the following list of specific issues and these issues will be resolved in the next version.

  Release Notes 
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